Advocacy Priorities

Prior Authorization

The Prior Authorization process requires physicians to obtain approval from pharmacy benefits plans before payment for medication is approved. Read More

Collaborative Care Model

Issue:In our current healthcare system, the treatment of medical illness and behavioral health conditions, including mental health and substance use disorders, are treated as discrete problems as though they were not occurring in the same person. Read More

A5491 NJ Suicide Hopeline to Follow-Up With Minors

Introduced in the 2018-2019 Legislative Session

Allows follow up calls from operators of NJ Suicide Hopeline to minors at risk of committing suicide. Read More

Collaborative Care: What is it and How Does It Improve Psychiatric Healthcare

The Collaborative Care Model is a patient-centered, population-focused approach that can reach the large numbers of people suffering from mental illness who currently aren’t being treated by mental health professionals. Read More

Collaborative Care Model Outcomes Data

Collaborative care has been shown to reduce total health care costs, improve patient and provider satisfaction, improve provider productivity, reduce patient absenteeism and presenteeism, and reduce homelessness and incarceration in safety net populations. Read More

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