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The American Psychiatric Association and the New Jersey Psychiatric Association offer opportunities for organization involvement to practicing physicians at all stages of their careers and in all practice settings. In addition to these opportunities to volunteer for leadership positions to help carry out the Associations’ missions, the APA and NJPA offer numerous awards and opportunities for recognition of the various contributions and efforts of its’ members. Our members are serving patients and their families with excellence, providing mental health education in their communities to increase access to care and reduce stigma, advocating with lawmakers for the rights of individuals struggling with mental illness and for physicians’ rights, mentoring future doctors and leaders, and generally advancing quality healthcare. Membership in the APA and NJPA provides avenues for well-deserved recognition for the most seasoned provider to medical students. The APA offers many different opportunities for recognition of mental health providers. Each year the APA honors individuals for career recognition, lifetime service, outstanding research, and other categories that improve the lives of people with mental illness. The full list of awards through the APA can be found at APA Awards. The NJPA offers various opportunities for recognition. The following awards are presented at the biennial (odd numbered years) Program for Excellence. The leadership of the Association nominates members and individuals known to them who have demonstrated their commitment to the mission and principles embodied in the respective awards. Nominees are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.  

Golden Merit Award

Presented to a past president or another deserving member whose contributions over time have significantly impacted the activities of the Association.

Citizen of the Year Award

Presented to a member of the public who has made outstanding contributions to the mental health of the citizens of New Jersey. Past recipients include journalists, business leaders and Senators.

Remarkable Achievement Award

Designed to recognize those members whose efforts embody the objectives and mission of the Association. These individuals promote the science, art, and practice of psychiatry, as well as maintain professional standards in our specialty by educating the public and performing community service.

Platinum and Special Merit Awards

Awarded when the appropriate candidates have been identified to receive the Association’s highest honors. The NJPA also believes that the profession’s newest members should have opportunities for recognition. In keeping with that principle, there are specific Fellow, Resident, and Medical Student awards available on an annual basis. These opportunities include:

Best Paper Competition

Member Fellows and Residents, and Medical Students can enter a case study with a review of relevant literature, a review article or original research on any psychiatric topic.  Articles may be submitted by a single author or as a joint submission with multiple authors. The papers are judged using a scoring system which considers the abstract and the paper’s content, clarity and originality.

PRMS Resident Achievement Recognition

Annual award presented at an NJPA event by Professional Risk Management Services, the NJPA’s Platinum Partner, for outstanding achievement or contributions to NJPA or psychiatry. Email the NJPA at for more information.

Platinum Partner of NJPA


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